What We Do

The Guitar bit

New term three timetable is now ready! Click here to view. 

We offer ten week Beginners, Improvers, Intermediate and Advanced courses. We also run Improvisation, Composition, Finger Style, Blues, Jazz, Home Recording, Guitar Tech and Classical Workshops along with a range of one off Saturday sessions on a variety of subjects.  At the end of the ten week courses students are provided with the opportunity to perform live in a pub full of friends and peers at one of our infamous Graduation Party’s. The performances are always great fun. They provide a benchmark in our learning whilst doing wonders for personal confidence levels. Click here to see what happened at a recent graduation party.


The Social bit 

Music is a community thing and The Guitar Social has been extra careful to make sure this reflects in our program. 

We use gorgeous spaces across in Camden in which to teach.  Sometime after class we go for a drink of water, tea, whiskey, beer or anything else that takes your fancy. Throughout all of the programmes we offer there are many opportunities to go on nights out to see live music and visit some of the City’s most crucial musical landmarks with a social timetable released every month to learners present and past. Social interaction and joint experience is a crucial part of staying motivated and captivated by the Guitar.

Recent social events have seen us attend  Music Quizes, our regular documentary movie night, charter a massive wooden boat to sail us around the Turkish islands, catch some live jazz, trawl the bars of Camden on a live musicathon,  head to the hills for our musical retreat in the forest and host multiple informal jam sessions. Click here to see our list of upcoming social events

As a result of The Guitar Socials endeavours there are now many groups of friends across London that meet every night to jam and watch live music together. Here’s a video of some of our adventures.

Prague 2

The details

Take a look through our website or view some of our sample resources and material here.

You can get in touch via this website or direct on 07425871904.

Here’s to your musical adventure that is just about to begin.


18 thoughts on “What We Do

  1. Sounds really great. I’d like to enrol on the beginners, although I have been learning at home… Think I need to make sure I have the basics in place!


  2. Hi Thomas,
    Thanks for your reply on meet up. I’m really excited to sign up for the classes but first I need a guitar.
    If you can please suggest some good quality guitars for sale at a reasonable price I’d really appreciate it.


    • Hi Jenny, 23 to be exact! But this covers two hours of tuition, the social events, access to online practice videos, a couple of one to one sessions and the end party. All in all it works out at much less than £10 per hour. If you look on the Book a Place Ask a Question page you can see more details about payments. Which course are you interested in?


  3. Hi Thomas Thanks for the info…I’d like to join the intermediate course…to take me up to the next level…I’m a singer-songwriter and musical comedy performer…right now I play basic rhythm guitar…you can hear some of my songs on my website below…www.geoffcottonsongs.com…think you ‘ll like `I’m Old Rock Star’ 🙂 Best Geoff


    • Hi Geoff,

      Looking forward to having a listen to that tomorrow once I have my ear phones.
      Thanks for your interest in the program.
      I’m going to send you an email now.
      All the best


  4. Hi Thomas
    How are you doing? We met a few months ago at the Apple Tree open mic, its Benn. Sorry I didnt msg u til now I lost your webpage details but recently found them in the history..

    Hows music? Would be good to come to one of your events some time. Still playing the AT most wednesdays and The Stage Door in waterloo on sundays, both of which are great open mic nights for guitarists of all levels.

    Get in touch!


    • Hi Ben,
      Really good to hear from you. I enjoyed our night at The Apple Tree very much. I’ll be down with Vic in the next few weeks. If you can I’ve me a shout on 07951123901 we can sort something out. Speak soon. Thomas


  5. Hi,
    Your programmes look great. When does the next term start?
    I have a few additional questions, do you have an email address I can contact you on?


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