Summer End of Term Party


It was The Guitar Socials end of term party the other night and boy o boy o boy,  we had a lot to celebrate. A whole group of people coming together and spending ten weeks developing their craft, some of which had never played guitar before, hammering together songs with love and determination, attending practice groups after long hard days at work and then ultimately doing the unthinkable and getting on stage in front of a packed house, well- that’s no small thing at all. (And that was no small sentence)

Andy MNow that hangovers have eased, focus has been regained and attention has been turned to the new term ahead, I thought it might be worth sharing some of the photos of the evening. I always forget to take photos, so these have been sent from people that were there. Apologies if you can’t see your face. We’ll get you next time!

At the peak of the night there were seventy people crammed into the room.  Seventy people, when all gathered together, looks like a lot people so I think on this occasion, extra special kudos goes to those that played. We even had a few making their solo debuts! When I first played there were about four people in the room with only one actually listening and even that was nerve racking.


another crowd shot

Despite nerves, they did it. All that played have now given their guitar playing extra purpose. They have allowed their instruments to connect them with other people. They have provided an evenings entertainment to music fans. This is very cool and very much in the sprit of he Guitar Social.

doug and co

The Guitar Social is about learning Guitar but, just as much, it is about meeting new people and embarking on musical adventures. Our end of term performances are a celebration of an idea, meeting new people-doing things you wouldn’t normally do-and to those that came down to watch or take part, you’re rock and roll heroes in my eyes and always will be. We now have a new term to get on with, the last of this year before a winter break, so, enough nostalagia and now to the job at hand-preparing for the winter end of term party with take place on November the 25th.

Stay Musical!

Our new term is underway, but its not too late to join. Please visit to make contact and book yourself onto anyone of our 18 different courses and workshops. 




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