Book a Place

Our ‘book a place’ page is undergoing changes, while that happens, the following, simple booking procedure is in place.

Getting involved with The Guitar Social is nice and easy. Here’s the drill in four simple steps.

Step 1 Check our course sample materials by following this link. Decide what you want to do and then…

Step 2 Check the Date by viewing our timetable.

Step 3 If all looks good, get in touch with us. Text us, WhatsApp us, email us, light a fire and shout your name or commission an aeroplane to paint your request in the sky, or, alternatively, drop us an email or give this number a beep 07425871904

Step 4 When we confirm there is space, you will need to read our Terms and Conditions and confirm you’re as cool with them as we suspect you are.

Then  its a payment via bank transfer or through our shop.

Step 5 We send all your course materials and wait to see you in class.