Holiday with us

When not in class or attending awesome social events we like to go on holiday, and we’d like to take you with us. In the summer of 2017 we spent a week sailing the Mediterranean on a gorgeous wooden boat. We returned to the Musical forest for two days of campfire cookery and midnight songs and in the Winter we went to Prague for four days of workshops and beer. Lots and lots of beer.

In 2018 we have lots more planned including a return to Turkey for one more trip on the big boat, an overseas camping trip and in the Autumn we have a European adventure lined up with details to follow soon.

All our current retreats are listed below, however, you can also check out  designated retreats website

Band Camp, Just Outside London, 1pm on the 17th of August to 1pm on the 12th of August, £155

Bandcamp is one of our most popular and special events. Its two and a half days of good food (smoked) warm beer (smoked) and great music (unsmoked) oh…and campfire.

We use a space just outside of London, a private small forest with just us there and plenty of space to camp amongst the trees and plenty of space to gather around a fire that burns all night underneath the moon, stars and whoever happens to be lurking behind you.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect.



Set off from central London at 1pm, Arrive at camp at around 3pm. We then pitch tents and light a fire to cook dinner. The evening is spent hanging out ,snoozing, jamming or whatever else floats your boat.

Late in the evening we start Camp Fire Karaoke. People start to slope/stagger/drift off at about midnight.

Breakfast is a team effort. Vegetarians, Vegans and Meat-eaters find common ground while scrambling for wood.

At around midday, people tend to start practicing or working on songs for the evenings’ performances. I’m on hand to assist practice.

Lunch is usually at about 2pm.

After lunch, we form small groups and pick some songs to practice together. These are later performed at the evenings’ jam.

Dinner is at about 6pm.

Bandcamp web

By now you smell. But no one notices or cares even if they do.

Once again efforts are made to light a breakfast fire. Some people are nursing their second hangover by this point. Wise teetotallers stand by watching, drinking tea.

After breakfast, we have one final jam playing some of the favorites from the previous two nights.

The perpetually hungover grin and bare it, eyeing up the remaining beers.

After the jam its time to decamp. The beer store is diminishing as people buckle under the pressure and realise that the only way out, is back in. Before we leave we have the annual campfire awards in which people are awarded prizes celebrating their newly revealed oddities, eccentrics and heroism.

Transport home arrives at about 2pm.
Sunday evening

If the Weather is good some of the hardcore agree to meet on Highbury fields for a BBQ and some beers and a jam,  because it’s been awhile since you ate something that tasted like fire and had a jam.


Normality resumes.

Berlin, Tuesday 18th to Saturday 22nd of September, £250

As the summer fades and the darkness rises, its likely we’ll need something to look forward to, so how does Berlin sound?

You’ll be staying in a shared loft space apartment in the heart of the city wth 15 other Guitar people. They’ll be morning workshops between 8am and 10am with two tutors delivering work for both beginner stage and advanced level guitar players.

The day times will be spent exploring the City as well as taking part in a special Joy of the Jam (Guitar Social Jam class) in a central Berlin rehearsal space.

Evenings are for live music, food and drinks.

Price does not include flights. Recommended flight details will be provided once all payments are confirmed. Please note, this is a shared space trip meaning we’ll be crashing out hippie style, some will be in twin rooms, some on the sofa beds.

Contact 07425871904 for details.

Iceland and the Northern Lights-Late November. Details coming soon. 

Adventures you missed

Sailing in Turkey, 30th of June to the 7th of July, Cost: £795 includes shared cabin, tuition, transfers, three beautiful meals a day and an ensuite room on the boat. SOLD OUT

If your idea of a good holiday involves sailing across crystal clear blue waters, dropping anchor in a secluded bay before falling asleep under the stars, having the most talented Chef in the Mediterranean cook your breakfast, lunch and dinner to be enjoyed underneath a warm sun in a gentle breeze-then we might have the holiday for you.

We’ll be sailing on a Turkish Gullet. A Gullet is a traditional wooded boat that has plenty of space on deck for sun bathing, reading and playing music, a large eating space underneath a brightly coloured canopy and comfortable, ensuite rooms below deck.

The daily plan is made up as we sail, but, it will involve visiting some gorgeous tree lined lush bays, swimming, snorkelling and taking in some great local points of interest such as the Mud Baths, a Nomadic Tribes Village and the famous cave tombs.


There will be workshops to and supervised practice to make sure that you leave Turkey a better Musician than when you arrived


class on boat

For those that want a break from Guitar there is few nicer feelings than sitting upfront with a book or listening to music with the horizon opening out in front of you. Early risers will be treated to illuminating sunrises that explode across vast sky’s just as the night owls can enjoy starstudded views while the moon over looks.

view from boat

With the sailors from the summer 2017 trip already making enquiries about the return trip, places will go fast so get your request in early.

Boat Photo