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We’re happy to announce new workshops in new disciplines to get you challenged, stimulated and moving like an atom in the Hadron Collider on a sharp trajectory to musical glory.

Through our tutors Thomas, Will, Michael and Vic you’ll find areas of expertise in Jazz, shred-speed playing and improvisational skills.. Please refer to the term three timetable for details of Saturday and one off workshops and make contact with Thomas on 07425871904 or through emailing


About your workshop tutors 



Vic started playing in his teens inspired by the melodic soloing of Mark Knopfler and Eric Clapton. Further discoveries led to an appreciation of BB King, Peter Green, Buddy Guy and many other Blues masters. Also a lover of melodic songwriting he is heavily influenced by artists such as Neil Finn, Neil Young and Ryan Adams.

Vic is also active in The Guitar Socials team building organisation providing lunch time workshops for major businesses throughout London.





After picking up his first Guitar when Blur and Oasis were fresh new icons of Michaelcontemporary music, Michael found himself attracted to the more technical aspects of guitar playing and focused his studies on more speed, more notes and in some cases more strings than is socially acceptable.

This photo is very, very, very old.





Old Man Will

Will has been playing guitar since the dawn of time, or thereabouts… He believes that a grounding in theory is key to taking your playing to the next level but understands that theory need not be scary. His main love is Jazz Guitar-the sophisticated chords, rich harmonies and the history of Jazz all keep his musical boat well and truly afloat.





meThe Guitar Social was founded by Thomas Binns in 2013. Thomas studied music at Leeds College of Music and Leeds University in the early 2000’s. Thomas is a prolific teacher and has, at the last count, taught over 2400 people across a decade long career in musical education. His time is spent teaching at The Guitar Social, providing tuition for team building purposes, organising and hosting musical retreats and running The Guitar Social’s charity, TGS Arts.

For more information and payment information please email or give us a shout on 07425871904.