All workshops are on a rolling basis in Camden only.

Finger Picking, four sessions, eight hours, £145

Commences on Saturday 25th of July at 2.30pm, Camden.

Your tutor was brought up on a diet of Folk which is why it is a pleasure to deliver this four week course. We’ll be  meeting in Camden every other Saturday afternoon where you’ll learn how to structure your picking hand to perform patterns that add multiple layers and new dimensions to your playing.

Areas of focus will be Carter, Travis and Clawhammer picking along with the additional skills required of the fretting hand to add some colour and vibrancy to your sound.

This is for people that can play open chords comfortably but with little experience of finger style guitar.

Blues, ten hours, four sessions, every other Saturday, £145.  

Commences on Saturday 25th of July at 2.30pm, Camden.

For the blues breakers, riff obsessed, face melting lead makers. This program is a great way to explore the genre whilst meeting other blues fans and of course, rocking out like an old Blues Masters.

Work Shop News. Workshop Update.

As of Term Three, Summer 2017, our Jazz, Improvisation, Looping, Classical Guitar and Home Recording workshops will be offered on demand. This means that you’ll be able to commission a workshop series.

How it will work.

We’re working on a page on our website in which you’ll be able to register your interest against set dates for three and four week programs. Once we have enough interest-the workshop will go ahead. If we don’t meet the numbers, your tutor will make a decision as to wether she or he would like to reschedule or go ahead.

What this means.

We think this is a great step forward. This will mean that the workshops will be more structured, more progressive and the numbers attending will be more controlled.

We’re aiming to have this in place by the end of June so please keep your eyes on this website along with our usual social media outlets for further news.



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